Just two years ago, a mere 5 percent of the UK workforce considered their home to be their main place of work. Today, as we battle COVID, around 20 million of us are working from home—an increase of more than 1,000 percent.

Thanks to cloud applications and remote access to emails, of course, most of us are able to work safely from home. But as lockdown after lockdown stretches on, we’re discovering more of the things we rely on, even in our ‘paperless’ age—physical documents—aren’t that easily accessible from home.

And that’s starting to be more and more of a problem. It’s particularly an issue in smaller companies, where documents are less likely to be digitised in a format that can be accessed remotely. Xerox reports that 46 percent of SMEs are still reliant on paper-based processes that could be automated or replaced with digital content and document management, for example. A recent survey found that CIOs have struggled to maintain “acceptable” experiences for remote workers. Alongside the expected issues of forgotten passwords and network downtime, some 55% of workers were unable to access vital information held in on premises applications….

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