Client Support

tailored support packages as standard

Xpress Document Solutions provide a range of support options to accompany all of our services.  These options encompass 1st, 2nd and 3rd line support, with each level backed with comprehensive Support Level Agreements (SLA’s). Regardless of the support level taken, the manner in which we undertake our commitment to you will be first class.  All day, every day.


Our 1st Line Support team is primarily used by smaller businesses who do not have their own IT department.  In effect, our 1st Line Support provides a helpdesk where you can contact us when encountering any problems with a solution we have provided.  The team are responsible for gathering the facts of the problem in an efficient, friendly, jargon free manner.  The team will directly resolve issues where possible and co-ordinate with the appropriate vendors when escalation is required to correct a problem.  The 1st Line Support team will usually be responsible for the deployment of any resolution, usually remotely.

Typically, our 2nd Line Support team liaises with a clients IT department or helpdesk.  The IT department (or helpdesk) facilitate gathering the evidence of the incident and relay this by email, fax or telephone.  Our support team will then analyse the information and co-ordinate with vendors and the IT Department, in order to arrive at a resolution.  Resolutions to issues can either be delivered to the IT Department for deployment or handled by the 2nd Line Support team remotely.

Our 3rd Line Support team provide services in line with the 2nd Line Support team, but on a much bigger or complex scale.  Projects that are scoped with 3rd Line Support are usually our bespoke solutions, solutions which have required a large amount of customisation from the vendors standard product or solutions which have been heavily integrated with a clients existing infrastructure. Problems in such projects may require the intervention of the 3rd Line Support team in the form of application code updates or reconfiguration of vendor solutions using undocumented (custom) routines.

Our client support services extend beyond just call handling and fault resolution; for true peace of mind we are also able to provide remote monitoring (housekeeping) routines for databases, filesystems, fileservers and specialist hardware configurations, such as faxservers, that our document management solutions are comprised of.  These routines can be on a schedule to suit your business (daily, weekly, hourly etc) so that you can be safe in the knowledge that your systems are running at optimum performance, all of the time.

Dedicated Contacts

If you have a current support contract with Xpress Document Solutions and you are experiencing a production issue, in the first instance please contact your dedicated support contact who will liaise with the appropriate team members and partners to resolve your issue as quickly as possible.  If you’ve lost those details (it happens) then please call the office on +44 (0) 03330 119 556 and we’ll take care of the rest.