Secure Document Storage

With space at an ever increasing premium and document retention policies growing, being able to archive your documents efficiently and cost effectively becomes more difficult by the day. Xpress Document Solutions can help though. As part of our commitment to providing businesses with solutions to all aspects of document management, we can facilitate secure document storage at state of the art document storage facilities.

The facilities utilise a highly sophisticated tracking system that allows millions of documents to be tracked and traced 24 hrs a day and for indefinite storage periods. 

Security matters at every stage of the information management chain, and our logistics teams are skilled in securing your documentation in transit – whether delivering it flawlessly into storage, or returning it back to you. Safe receipt of your vital information is a key part of the service. Whilst local deliveries are catered for with our own transport teams, partnerships are in place with only the most secure professional couriers for national and international transit.

Secure document storage can be provided as a single service, or as part of our complete outsourcing service including document scanning and confidential document destruction. So why not contact us today and let us create the perfect solution to your business needs?