Professional Solutions Designed, Developed and Delivered

by Xpress Document Solutions

Xpress Document Solutions not only operates as a consultancy, it is also a Document Management Solution provider in its own right. Our solutions are delivered under our D3 strategy, which stands for Design – Develop – Deliver. This service can be an extension of our ongoing consultancy work with our clients or we can be brought in to lead or supplement a project which is about to begin.

If our D3 strategy is utilised by our clients to progress consultancy services from inception through to a full project implementation, they can be sure that the consultants that they worked with initially will be with them for the full duration of the project and at the end of the phone/email/fax during any support periods.

Businesses who choose to bring us onboard later can be sure that our deliverables will consistently be of the highest quality and our team will integrate seamlessly into their project infrastructure as they see fit.

The D3 strategy is the framework which we adhere to, this ensures our own accountability and project continuity. In turn, this enables all of our clients to receive the highest levels of consistent service for the duration of their project. When you break this strategy down you’ll see that all of the bases are covered


Our consultants and developers will work closely with the appropriate members of your project team to elevate your requirements document to a system design that will fulfil all aspects of the business needs. As we partner with (but are independent of) leading software and hardware vendors you can be assured that when our input is required – it will be your requirements which are met – not sales targets.

Whether it’s a straight forward installation and configuration of a solution or whether your solution requires integration from disparate sources to complete your workflow processes, you can rely on our development team to deliver the application agreed upon during the design stage. There will no using your project for training purposes, and we ensure that our developers are fully proficient in the relevant products. In building a strong relationship with you, we are able to build the confidence that the design agreed upon is that design which will be delivered.

Most people think that delivery is the rollout – then get of dodge. But that’s not the case with Intelligent Filing, of course we’ll be there for the rollout of your new system – we’re proud of our work and we want you to be to. But what about after that? The delivery should be seen as an ongoing process including 1st, 2nd or 3rd line support – preventative maintenance – helpdesk – training – upgrades.

If you’ve invested enough time and resources into getting the project off the ground and into production, wouldn’t you want to give it the best care moving forward? We’ll work with you to develop a completely personalised delivery strategy so you’ll have peace of mind that you’re getting the services that you need and certainly none that you don’t.