Document Management Consultancy

provided by Xpress Document Solutions

The senior management at Xpress Document Solutions has an outstanding pedigree in providing document management solutions to some of the largest companies in the UK, including Barclays Bank, Citigroup, Sony, Nissan Finance and the Post Office.

Drawing on the experience of many years involvement in solutions for Document Management and the nature and variety of these different business environments, Xpress Document Solutions is able to advise on all aspects of a Document Management project lifecycle.


Clients benefit from Xpress Document Solutions consulting experience gained from working with Blue Chip and SME organisations. The object of a consulting assignment can include cost saving initiatives, risk management, fraud detection, space saving, exploitation of enterprise knowledge and any other aspect of operational improvements. Clients are presented with a report and recommendations as the basis for selecting a strategy for implementation.

As an addition to the Analysis and Auditing, Xpress Document Solutions can expand in greater detail the recommendations for enhancing systems and processes. We can draw on our past experience to advise on best practices and known implementation issues when following specific routes. We are also able to draw on our partners knowledge and expertise to ensure our clients are confident that the strategies are based on solid, proven, repeatable principles.

Xpress Document Solutions is independent of any proprietary software or hardware vendors, and as such can recommend solution components based solely on the suitability for the intended application. We have developed and worked with applications from wide variety of vendors including Microsoft, Documentum, FileNET, Global 360, EMC Captiva, Kofax, DocuWare, Hewlett Packard, Kodak, Fujitsu, Canon, and Panasonic – to name just a few.

We continually evaluate products from more vendors as reference for future consultations and prospective projects. Our recent work alongside key companies such as EASY SOFTWARE, Aiimi and Neocol is testament to this.