Confidential Document Destruction

provided by Xpress Document Solutions

Your documents have a useful lifespan for your business. This might only be a few weeks, but it could also be many (many) years depending on the industry sector your business is in. However, even after the documents no longer serve a purpose to your business, the information contained within them can be highly confidential, potentially containing names, addresses and financial information of individuals or businesses.

By utilising the secure document destruction services of Xpress Document Solutions, your business can be sure that it is meeting it’s obligations under the current data protection legislation regarding the disposal of confidential waste. Avoiding potential fines of up to £500,000 in the process.

Documents checked into our secure document storage facility are logged and tracked. Once marked for destruction, the documents do not leave the facility until they have been securely and confidentially destroyed and a certificate of destruction issued as evidence of the completed process.

So if your business has a requirement to destroy documents confidentially, contact us today to obtain a tailored quotation and ensure your business meets it’s data protection obligations.